Here at Delta Delta Delta, academics are strongly valued. We pride ourselves in maintaining a good balance between our social life and our academic endeavors. In order to help our members succeed academically, Delta Delta Delta offers numerous academic resources to its members. We hold study sessions twice a week in the library, where our members can study together in a quiet setting. Our members are also welcome to study in our Chapter Room, which is equipped with whiteboards, bulletin boards, and a large amount of study space!

Tri Delta’s Academic Program also rewards our members who succeed academically. Our members who achieve a 4.0 receive a pair of “Smarty Pants” and a gift card from the National Panhellenic Conference. We also have a Study Hours google document, where our members can write down the amount of hours they spent studying each week. The members who fill out this document receive points, and the girl who studies the largest amount of hours in a week is named “Geek of the Week!” As Geek of the Week, she receives a prize that includes stationery, pencils, and candy! Finally we pass out a “Yay for A’s Jar” and a “No Skippy Jar” during our chapter meeting. Any member who aced a quiz, midterm, essay, or project can put her name in the “Yay for A’s” jar, and any member who did not skip class can put her name in the “No Skippy Jar.” Their names are placed into a raffle where they have the opportunity to win a gift each week. In conclusion, Tri Delta always provides incentives for our members to achieve academic success.

Tri Delta is a valuable resource for our collegiate members because it provides our members with networking opportunities. Often, our alumni and our current members help others find jobs and internships during their academic careers and after they graduate. Because of these opportunities, many Tri Deltas have internships in various settings, including the Student Health Center, UC Davis Medical Center, news stations, political campaigns, public relation firms, banks, and marketing businesses.

Overall, Tri Delta prioritizes scholastic accomplishment and is always here to help its members achieve and succeed!